5 Daily habits that boost your energy

I don't know about you, but if I eat chocolate packed with sugar or a sweet drink or even a delicious piece of vegan cake, that pops me right on up there in the 'I'm all loved up and high on life' kind of feeling...

Well, that is the same for me with workshops, inspirational YouTube videos, talks, seminars and some energy healing sessions, if I'm the recipient.

This rapid shift in energy is amazing. I feel invisible. High as a kite, and anything is possible.

Know the feeling?

Unfortunately, just like the sugar rush, the high from those inspirational or healing injections can sometimes be short-lived.

Many folk experience great plummets after such highs, and often find it difficult to get similar highs or come to depend on them - whether its sugar rich foods or experiences that give those quick bursts of energy.

When we’re talking about energy healing, people can at times experience similar effects. This can be the case when a healing practitioner works with their own energy field instead of becoming the channel for the healing. It’s an art form to know the difference, and an extremely important differentiation for the wellbeing of recipients and healing practitioners.

Of course, we know that energy healing is amazing! It helps facilitate a person’s own incredible healing potential, often shifting pain, stress and discomfort, and aiding in a person’s energetic transformation.

I'm not talking about general energy clearing and second day downers as energy shifts and shoogles in the healing process. I’m talking about a slump that doesn't change, but which requires the boost of energy to gear it up again - just like a sugar fix.

This can happen after any high-energy experience, and particularly where there are large gatherings of similar folk all tuned in to the one vibration...

Coming away from those experiences beckons us to maintain that vibratory shift.

So... How do we do keep our mo-jo tingling in a way that is sustainable and positive for our wellbeing? How do we make sure that our energy highs result in a vibratory change that continues to nurture and transform us?

Habit Changing

Just by changing or refining some of our habits to include various practices, we can help to ensure continued momentum towards inspired, healthy, harmonious living that can endure beyond the rapid highs.

Here's my top 5 tips:

1. Meditation We know enough now that meditation makes a difference to our life. More and more research is being generated that proves meditation positively affects our ability to focus, relax, have greater energy and experience less stress. There are so many varities of meditation and as many opportunities to meditate out there that anyone can participate. A classic response I hear from folk sometimes is 'I just don't have the time' to meditate. Well, that tells me that person is someone who really could benefit from this practice. Those of you in Edinburgh know I run a couple of meditation groups: Friday and Saturday mornings. If interested, do get in touch. I also a nice wee 20 minute white light meditation for you to download or listen to here. Of course, there are plenty of online meditation recordings, CDs and podcasts that you can download, buy or listen to, out there in internet land.

2. Food It really matters what we eat. I'm not a nutritionist but I do know that a healthy, balanced intake of foods that agree with me, makes a huge difference to how I feel. For me, this includes a low-glycemic intake. The key to making food part of your wellbeing is self-awareness. Start to notice how food makes you feel. Learn what is favourable to your system and what causes upset, discomfort, short burst of energy - followed by lows. It doesn't mean that we can't indulge and enjoy our foods, it simply means that by knowing the relationship we have with food, we can makes conscious choices when selecting. Nutritionists can be great in helping us learn more about which foods serve us and which are out of sync with us.

3. Exercise Well, you've heard it all before... A little bit of exercise goes a long way. I used to be very sporty - athletics, hockey, softball, badminton, taekwondo - but these days I prefer the flow and ease of walking, tai chi and qigong. Scotland provides such a gorgeous landscape for hill walking that I really have no excuse! Many of you will have your own stories about how exercise makes you feel more alive, more settled within, less stressed and gives your creative processes an injection of energy.

4. Sleep I can feel myself getting excited here :) Who enjoys sleeping? Hands up... I do! I'm generally a great sleeper, and I find myself restored, fresh, energised when I awake. If my sleep is disrupted or cut short in any way, I really notice the difference to how I feel throughout the day. Of course, without enough sleep, the brain craves foods - usually sugary - to boost its energy levels. This is a short-term solution that doesn't maintain inspired wellbeing. Naps, blackened rooms, earplugs! whatever it takes to get those glorious times of sleep where the day's activities can be processed away, the body and brain replenished, and our dreamscape opens us to newness and possibilities...

5. Inspiration

Daily inspiration. What gets you excited? What moves you? Is it music? Dance? Sport? A certain author, speaker, inspirer? Painting? Writing? What causes that shift in your energy to the place where you are inspired? Because these experiences help to shift us energetically and vibrationally. They move us from our current state and take us to another. Ken Wilbur calls them pop-ups: those transformational experiences that result in sustained and permanent changes in our consciousness. And they come from practicing that which elevates us naturally and beautifully; that which causes us to think, expand, be curious, to have ideas, to focus, dream and believe.

There are many more habit my 5 tips for maintaining the wonder and wealth of wellbeing that energy healing offers...

Not the least would be regular energy healing or similar energy moving practice....

I'd be interested to know what inspires you in a pop-up kind of way....

Meditation... one of your Daily 5 Energy Rich Habits Image Copyright : Nikki Zalewski

Meantime, here’s my introductory White Light guided meditation. Hope you enjoy :)

More soon... Karolyne


Image Copyright : Nikki Zalewski

The White Light Meditation is an excellent meditation for clearing, cleansing, relaxing and revitalising your aura - the energy field that surrounds all living matter. This energy, which is known also as a bio-electric field, surrounds and penetrates your body. It influences our physical and emotional wellbeing just as our thoughts, and physical and sensory input, affect our energy field.

Within our aura exists our subtle energy bodies, including the etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual and astral bodies. Just as we intake clean air, water and nourishing food to maintain a healthy physical being, so too, we can practice the flow and circulation of the vital energy, which can be visualised as white light to nourish the aura and subtle bodies. Beautiful energiser that can be practised daily or as you feel. 

This guided meditation begins with the breath and moves into a simple white light energy visualisation. 

The White Light Meditation is FREE to download.