A Sample


Holy Sun


I rise, Holy Sun, upon the Grace of my Beloved,

Upheld by breath that sings a choral song into creation.

My wings expand and I am air and light,

Eyes that see,

A heart that lives a thread unending.

I am She and He, and Them and Us.

And I rise, Holy Sun,

Upon the Grace of my Beloved.

I sleep and I wake in the notes of God’s song.

And I listen, and I wonder,

Who wrote such a tune?

And in the depth of the silence,

A whispered voice comes –––


It was you

It was you, my Beloved.




I Am Here



Bring your lips close

Whisper to me your name

That I may know you


My Love,

You know me

Turn around

I Am here.





Watery reflections dancing upon the surface of my mind

Dreaming colours of light, and your face


We've been here before

We've touched like this before

The way you flow to and through me

Shape, hold, and move me

We've rippled in time, 

Held each other in space,

Shone as the stars,

And loved this way

Like this before...




Letting Go


Freedom to flow...

As water moves you

And air breathes you

As fire ignites you

And earth upholds you

Let you feel heart's desire

and soul's voice true

Let you hear the night sky

Silent words of Light...

Be brave star child

In your freedom to flow

Be brave star child

Be brave in letting go.




Son of Suns


Reaching down

Hand on shoulder

Light pouring in

Radiant Star

Turning around

Facing the rays of my Maker

Your eyes burn me bright

Son of Suns.




The Soul Flies Up


The soul flies up

A deep caress

Of lover's arms

Her warm embrace

A night of light

Of might

Of right

Grace in his arms

A sweet finesse

A tender kiss

Of quiet tears

For moments shared

Of height

Of sight

And secrets whispered

In the dark of night;

The soul flies up...


Turn Out The Lights


Turn out the lights

And bathe in the dark

Let the light that is you

Brighten your night

Let it shine in your world

Let you see by it

Let it light a path

For you to walk

Towards the sun of your making

Let not the shadow of a time weigh heavily upon you

For you are the rays of Heaven

That light the path of your future.



Grace of Love


Grace of Love be yours
Grace of Light be yours
Grace of Will be yours
Grace of Truth be yours
Grace and Heart of Self be yours,
That you may ever find
your way