Day 2 - What You Feel is Valid

Thank you to those of you who have texted or sent me messages after yesterday’s post and shared your stories with me.  I realise I can’t plan these blogs… they must flow from me on the day, largely because they are already writing themselves!

Today, I thought I’d write about image. But first, one of the common threads weaving through yesterday, including with clients I saw, was a perception of hierarchy related to fear.

I want to say very clearly - never let anyone tell you that your fear isn’t valid. Everyone’s story is different and everyone’s story is valid. Full stop.

So many times, time and time and time again, I have sat opposite a person who has said… ‘I know there are people worse off…’ Well, I’m here to say, those folk are living their life and you are living yours, and narry the twain shall meet. Your story is as different to theirs as is your suffering. It will always be unique to you, and thereby cannot be compared.

 Many of you healers and therapists out there will have known clients who have shared with you something that they have held for decades, perhaps never telling a soul. We will all know people in our own life that when we learned a story of suffering from them, our hearts bled to learn that they had held that pain for so long.

Too much silence of pain is born out of the perception that your suffering is unjustified or invalid. I’m here to say, it is not. YOU MATTER, and so too your pain, and your healing.

I am no different to you, and you no different to me. My suffering I take to support people, to those closest to me, my partner, and mentor.  I’ve had a therapist on the go for dipping in and dipping out since my early twenties – just like I take my car to get a service or spark plug change (do cars still have spark plugs?). It may be more peer support these days rather than professional therapy, but I’ll certainly make use of those services if the need arises.

One thing I’ve come to appreciate, particularly with ideas of vibrational frequency, with language that draws on Spirit, inner realms, ‘higher plane beings’, Masters, Lords of Light, and all the many material gurus and inspirers we turn to –

is that each person’s vibratory state is where we meet them – just there – no better and no worse than our own. No higher, no lower than our own. No less or more valid than our own. 


Day 2 of 30-day blogging challenge to write unedited to aid rhythm of writing...