Day 7 - The Subject Tonight is Love

The subject tonight is Love
And for tomorrow night as well,
As a matter of fact
I know of no better topic
For us to discuss
Until we all

This poem by 14th century Persian poet, Hafiz, came to mind this evening as I put fingers to keyboard on day 7 of my 30-day blogging challenge. Again, it is late, almost midnight. I’ve had a full day with back to back clients, followed by dinner out and then to my first Edinburgh gig. Some of you may know Clare of Organic Delicious fame – the gorgeous veggie organic café in Morningside. Well it was her debut this evening at Voodoo Lounge and what a terrific end to a beautiful day.

This week, I’ve been outing fear, and tonight I thought I’d transition into love. I’ve been thinking about all the ways we love, and the transformative power of love. Tonight, I heard love sung. I watched love in the parents of the singer, proud of their daughter. I felt love beside me. It took a wee while to warm up, but once let loose, body enjoyed a good ol’ dance, and I experienced love for my body too.

And today, with all the women I say in the healing space, I felt love. I am sure that there must be cultures that have different words that describe the different types of love I am referring to. These days I’m quite prone to ‘loving’ my new iphone or piece of recording equipment. A decade ago, I’d not dreamt of using the term to describe an inanimate object. But I can tell you, in the turning cold of Scottish winter, I LOVE my new coat!

So now that ‘love’ is in the air, seemingly everywhere, what does that mean for describing how I feel about partner, family, children, friends, and the distinction even between how I love them. And then again, is it really necessary to define…

I guess the reason I bring it tonight is because love was on the agenda a lot today. Mostly, it was self-love that was the topic of discussion. How is it that something so beautiful, so necessary, can elicit such emotional response?

A colleague and I were talking today in the lovely rooms of Calmblue. We often just go straight to the deep stuff in the brief encounters we have in that place.  She remarked how good I was looking; how light and well. I spoke about the regression training I’d been doing and the extraordinary shifts in healing and self-understanding that have taken place since my regressions. I shared about the fear that had risen up; how I had been paralysed by it, confused by it, shaken and fragmented by it. And I talked about the clarity that came after fear had been identified, when I sat in the silence and listened to the still, quiet voice of my inner knowing.

I shared with my friend that I had come to realise the change she perceived has to do with a centredness I feel now. Where before I was a wee wooden boat, with a single mast and sail, being washed this way and that way in the tide of emotion, others’ opinions and the fear generated by my paradigm. Now I feel anchored – not to anyone or anything as such, but steady in myself. I feel like I am my primary source – my own Google search engine. If I want to know something about myself, I turn in and seek not out. And I be still too.

My centredness means that my fear of judgement is vastly decreased, because value resides with my own discernment foremost. My centredness means I have a voice, a clear expression of voice, and truth is my ally.

One of the things I notice too, is that this feeling of being anchored in self, leaves me free to really love. I’m not losing myself when I love now. I’m not depleted by it. And I’m not open to be taken advantage of – because I’m steady in love with another person, and in love with myself. And the other person isn’t defining me or my love for my beautiful self.

None of this is particularly new mind, but it is more conscious. I think the difference for me is that the ‘duty’ element of it that went with the image has dissolved with the fear, and I’m left with the joy of loving you; the joy of loving the stranger; the utter joy of being in love with my partner; the joy of experiencing love in friendship.

So… love is in the air. And self-love…. Well, you’ll agree, it’s ever so important.

And it can take practice if we’re not used to it… I encourage sitting in the peace, considering someone of something you really love – partner, child, animal, God/Goddess, Spirit – whatever it is… and going into that feeling of deep, resounding love. You might see, feel or think the person or thing and then bring that love into body awareness. Where in your body do you feel that love? And then breathe into that place and fill that area with even more love… and then let the image or thought of the person/thing go and replace it with an image, thought, awareness of yourself. You might say your name. You might picture yourself. You might simply sit in the feelings of that love within your body, being aware of body, and all of you. Think of all the things you love about yourself and pour that into the experience too. And if pesky critic butts it, give it the flick. Notice it and then let it go, and return to the positive experience of yourself. In this way, we practice self-kindness and we generate self love.

So I leave you now – and I do so, with Love.