Day 9 - Pondering Healing


What is healing?

What does it mean?

To heal…

What does it mean to you, to heal?

What does it mean to be healer? Can anyone be healer for another?

These are the questions that I am left with today.

Today was another day of clients entrusting their stories to me; sharing their pain, hurt, grief and fears; coming for healing.


How is it that we go to another to salve our pain? I’m trying to understand what it is that people come to me, and that through whatever happens in the time we share, go away changed.

This feels a little self-indulgent and I hope you don't mind my open blog pondering on healing...

After four years of PhD research, one of the main findings in my study was that it is the therapeutic relationship that has a primary influence on the positive outcome of a therapy session. Is it the same for a healing session?

What happens in healing?

I don’t know.

Really. I don’t know.

I know that when you’re sitting there in the chair next to me or lying on the therapy couch my heart is activated, and I can honestly say, I feel great love for you.

Yesterday, my heart just burst with love for this fellow I was seeing for the first time. I actually said in my thoughts ‘Oh, I love you’ , and it was such a palpable feeling. (Incidentally, I didn't tell him!)

Now, that may sound a little corny, but you see, I’m trying to understand what is this healing…

Would it make a difference if I said nothing at all, and just sat there holding your hands being in my love for you, and sharing the flow of that love with you… Would that be all the need for healing?

I’ve never had the kind of healing that folk come to me for… I haven’t. I don’t know who I’d go to for that… so I can’t think about what happened for me in that instance, because I’ve not experienced it.

I’ve been in talk therapy, but it’s not the same. The talking helps me to unlock understandings, come to realisations, discover newness, challenge beliefs and thoughts, identify body related feelings and release the energy of those, and so on…

That’s healing too.

And yet, there seems to be other dimensions in the work with Spirit.

Is it the love perhaps? Is that what it is?

Does Spirit work on the vibration of love? Of course Spirit does... 

But I want to know the physics of it.. the mechanics of it... 

I feel like I ought to know. And maybe I do, but in this moment the words flowing from me are painting a different picture…

What I do know is that this blog tonight has created an impulse within me to research and to create my own body of knowledge around this topic… perhaps it will be a chapter in the book!

And, I do know what I feel, and see, and how I’m moved in a session, and guided and how the holy that is the life force of the Source flows in and through, joining with you… the Source, me and you… and the One that is in the moment of the dimension of time we are in, helping to activate your soul memory, identifying the layers of pain, of patterns not your soul-self but ego’s and personality’s… and there in the activation, dissolving the layers enabling alignment….

And yet… sometime's it’s not enough. Sometimes, you don’t remain activated; your alignment is knocked off course and the old film resets pain patterns.

Bob Proctor, when he speaks about the inspirational motivation work says, very rarely a person will be so utterly emotively moved in a kind of life-changing epiphany moment that self-limiting changes are dissolved instantly, and positive life change occurs immediately. But more often than not, a person seeking to change their paradigm must actively participate in a dedicated, committed way to take repeated steps of new behaviours and thinking in order to effect permanent positive change.

I’m starting to consider that healing might be similar. There are those moments when the alignment between all manner of unknown factors, including the Source almighty and the Source within you is just right such that instant, permanent healing results. Perhaps we call those occasions, miracles.

And then there are the repeated, genuine steps we take in relationship with Source within and without that over time lead to positive changes in our wellbeing.  And for whatever reason, we come to healing in the exact right time... when all the so-called planets of our being are aligned and ready... 

Maybe that’s what the healing practitioner does… helps prepare you for that alignment, using the various methods we have in our tool boxes. Yes, that rests comfortably with me.

I do believe that the essence of healing resides within each of us… And that the relationship of the healing practitioner, whatever modality used, and the person seeking healing, stimulates something ancient within us that knows us connected, inseparable from the other; that the Source of All is awakened in us when we enter that space together, and that Spirit help in the facilitation of Source alignment via the healing practitioner.

I wonder what you think? What do you consider this healing?

Perhaps after all, healing is just quite simply the self-activation of and connection with LOVE. The One Love…