Day 11 - Towers of Light - Beacons of Love transforming the vibration of fear

Day 11 – Towers of Light

On Day 11 of my writing challenge, I am ever aware that I am not alone in the world; that I am one of billions of people connected on various levels to each other, and to the Source of creation. I cannot but be moved to write today for peace, for connection and for Light. So I am bending the rules a little or perhaps not; my book has a combination of Spirit inspired words and my psycho-spiritual teachings. So too now, in this blog, I share a message from Spirit. The message is one that can be equally relevant for an individual choosing to practice joy and peace presence rather than fear, as it is for global intention. It is the latter than I am drawing your attention to today.

These words are a call to sit centred in your being, in a meditative practice of raising your energy and vibration to peace, love and harmony. There is no need to project it, but to hold the thought of world peace and these higher feeling states so that as the vibration of fear in the world comes in contact with the frequency of love around the globe, it is transformed. So may it be!  

…Today we come with peace, and love, and harmony.

Today we come with a message of hope.

All is not lost in this great land. All is not lost.

The fires will be lit. The towers will be lit. And so it is and so appropriate it must be. And again, no matter the scale, no matter the formation, when the storm comes, do not reach out but hold still, and hold fast, and keep your centred, and keep your line of sight, and remain where you are.

Do not reach out.

And when you are met with the force and the might of the storm, hold fast.

You are not repelling.

Remember this: You are meeting what is, and therefore you must be of utmost strength. You must be of paramount health. You must be a light, the brightest of the beacons that you may be. And in this, your light meets the wave and the current of the dark. Do you understand?

Your towers and your beacons and your lights will be lit, and where they are not, others will take their place. There will not be darkness; there will be those of us who ignite the flames within that space.

Fear is the driving force of that space. Do you understand?

Fear creates void and absence. And where the light has not manifest, we blow into it the seed and the spark of momentum, of movement, and that space reaches forth and it meets the light – and the light rides back upon it. This is what we have maintained across time.

This is how it is, begun long ago, before lands knew the language of watchtowers, before lands knew the language of web, before lands knew the language of the net and the house; before you knew even that you were capable of these things, still we began with you. Still, we taught you. Still, you learnt and still, you held fast, and still, you are here.

And so it begins again, a continuing, a lesson upon lesson, upon lesson, as it journeys down the ages, all that we have taught, the singularity of being that is the single flame, the one Light.

And there are those who do not understand it and there are those who will counter it – They will try. They will attempt to for they do not know that light is perpetual, even in the darkest time, even in the darkest hour, light shines; always a single star, no matter, no matter, still, a single star.

And we have taught you this for eons. And we have taught you to follow that star. And we have shown you, as you have come to understand and comprehend, that the star, the light, the flame, the spark is within you, and it is mirrored without.

And when you join your flame to another, a line of light between you becomes a force of reckoning. It becomes a flame that is the eternal flame of light, and NO darkness, no ill-life can remain such in its presence. This is what you have. This is what you do. This is who you are, those who work with the light.

And this is what we would ask of you now: Build your towers anew. Build them of light. Join them up, connect them, embrace them. Build many, not just the few that you know and have known. Build them between and make them safe havens for your flame. And tend them as you would tend your hearth fire.

And when what comes, no matter the emotion, no matter the force, still the light will prevail.

Yes it will.