Day 12 - Having Voice

Today, in a local supermarket, I asked a staff member for a product. He was hearing impaired and spoke limited words. His hand gestures and the assistant he brought to address me were his voice. As I walked home, this got me thinking about communication and expression, and living who we are in the public domain.

What I’ve noticed these past 24 hours, and following on from the self-comparing blog, is that my concern about being judged has changed. This is particularly so in the last 24 hours.

Perhaps it was tied up with the image and masks I wrote about a few days ago. The ‘holy’ image of the spiritual person, wafting up there in the ivory tower clouds, meant that having a strong opinion or dissenting voice was risky.

How so, I hear you ask?

Well, in the eyes of the ‘holy-spiritual-me’ person there was no room for having a strong voice, which might be perceived as alienating people, including potential clients, readers, followers.

I know, right?

Who was that person?

Of course, that is all part of not living authentically, and finding my way to living true according to my principles and values.

During the course of the US election, I have ‘liked’ Democratic-favouring posts, but rarely have I shared them. Part of that is because I don’t want my feed to be clogged up with depressing posts, but another part of it is about perception.

This whole idea that I have to remain politically neutral in order to create and build a public platform for the work I do and am developing.

Well, yesterday I awoke and realised that I just couldn’t be silent.

And it wasn’t until I was posting my invitation to meditate for peace, and my advocacy for Hillary Clinton that I realised I cared less what people thought about me.

And what I also realised is that my voice, strong in its way, doesn’t have to be condemning of the so-called opposition; it doesn’t have to resort to name-calling, bagging or personal insults; it CAN vehemently support a cause I believe in while also upholding the salvageable tenets of the ‘spiritual-holy-me’ self.

And in this way, I feel even closer to the Source within and about me. In this way, I feel truer to my self.

Somewhere along this journey of self-discovery in the past weeks/months, my concern about being judged by others has dissolved.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that there are tendrils of the energy of that fear pattern that rear their wee fibres in my being from time to time. I do notice that, but they don’t grip me and hold me stuck or inhibit my behaviour or keep me silent as they may have in the past.

It actually feels like I’m getting back to how I was in my youth.

With Voice. However, voice is expressed – vocally, by signing, through writing or body.


Having Voice.

It. Is. So. Important.

And I don’t care one hoot if you disagree with me – on anything I voice; if you can do so civilly and without malice, I’m going to celebrate your voice too.

La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La Laaaaaaaaaaa

Voice, everyone.