Day 13 - The Lion's Roar

Very sadly, my MacBook has decided to take a rest and so my 30day challenge commitment has had to be typed out on my iPad, which won't let me access my blog... Zzzzz... Nevertheless... Here we go... Blog for today... Following on from yesterday. Thanks for staying with me 💜

Over the past few days, I’ve been writing about self-development by way of releasing fear, moving away from self-judgement and comparisons and finding voice.

One of the aspects of this new found freedom for me has been a shift away from self-censoring and silencing towards vocal participation in public debates, conversations and social engagements.

In the past 48 hours, this has extended to the US election. One of the things I have taken from today and the disappointment I experienced, along with millions of women and men, in relation to the US election has been a determination to actively give voice.

I haven’t felt as moved, as determined, as inflamed for a long time. I know that has to do with the changes in me, and of course the context of the election.

In her speech today, Secretary Clinton implored people to continue ‘advancing the causes and values we hold dear’ and to ‘make sure your voices are heard going forward’. It wasn’t just that she spoke impassioned to girls and young women, stating ‘you are valuable, powerful and deserving in the world to achieve your dreams’ that incited my own passion. It was that she lent weight and energy to the focus of visibility, voice, status and power of women in society.

Her words helped me to remember my own passion for social-justice, for equality and equity, for human-rights and inclusivity. And in this remembering, I felt a small, quiet voice within me grow in volume and ferociousness – the lion awakened. And I let out a roar!

My protest voice declares – I will not be silenced. I will not swallow my opinion. I will speak out for decency and justice, for peace and for those causes and values I hold dear. And the roar of my being will be an integrated part of my spiritual being. For they are not mutually exclusive.

Indeed, what I have come to realise today, is that their integration is imperative, and an unavoidable part of living authentically – for me anyway – and bringing Spirit into the world. For why are we here, why do we work with the Light, why do we spread the message of Love if not to make change in the world.