Day 15 - Choosing Thoughts

Well, it’s day 15 of my 30-day blog challenge, and day 2 of no computer. The good news is that in this time it has been brought to my attention how 1 laptop might not be sufficient for all the work I do on my computer. And, the more I turn my hand to writing, the better the tools I could have to enable that creativity. To this end, today was a gift to self of a reconditioned iMac. I’m thrilled and am very much looking forward to the comfort and artistic flow it will afford.

How it came about…

Well, for various reasons I have been getting to bed between 1-3am each evening/morning, and last night was no different. I wake tired, and this morning was no exception. I dragged myself around the house, glad not to have to talk to anyone; eyes half-closed I made breakfast and stumbled through my bits and bobs.

As I brushed my hair, it occurred to me that I wasn’t happy being tired, and that I had a choice in the matter. Yes, my body was sluggish, but it was my thoughts that were affected, and my mood was low. So there and then I decided to raise my energy.

How did I do it?

Well, it reminds me of someone’s question the other day on one of my posts about how do we ‘shine our light’ and raise our vibration after the US election results. It’s the same thing…

Today, I consciously chose to actively think positive thoughts; to seek out those activities which uplift and bring joy, rather than to be in the tiredness, which was weighing me down.

Quite beautifully, as soon as I decided this, just as if a lovely confirmation of intent, I felt my grandmother’s presence. And that was my first lift in energy. Love. I then put on music that I like and which helps me to soar or expand my energy. That helped too. As I did this, I consciously thought about my loved ones and found myself smiling. Despite being a bit behind time, I slowed everything down and allowed myself to breathe. And then I began to sing. And I sang loudly.

On my drive into the centre, I sang some more, and then I went into the meditation group I facilitate, joyful and relaxed, energised and feeling peace-filled.

How different my morning could have been had I elected to remain in my lethargy. I suspect it would have not only affected myself but also those folk around me and those people I met during the day.

Instead, my connections were rich, sharing and lively.

So that when the SimplyFixIt technician rang and told me it would be another £100 for a component that ‘may’ repair my computer, I smiled and thanked him, and then drove to the shop. By this time, my day was on go-slow mode. It was like everything was analogue again, after being digital for so long; unplugged, unwired, snail mail-like, and it made a difference to how I felt in the world.

I have been more present. My conversations today have been longer with people. My attention more focused. And my desire and interest in people, heightened.

This all makes me sound rather shallow, doesn’t it? Truth be told, I don’t think I am, but I do know that I can be driven, and that my drive leads me to my computer and away from people-in-the-flesh people, aside from clients whom I see throughout the day.

So when I got to the fix-it shop, in my slow-mode, smiley, trippy, the-world-really-is-beautiful-man kind of energy, I was more than happy to spend 20 minutes talking with the technician, and another 15 minutes chatting with a staff member about the computers on hand. I’m not sure if they rubbed their hands together afterward thinking ching-ching, money in the pocket or ‘whoa, that woman was loopy’ or perhaps a bit of both – or maybe they enjoyed the interaction and slowing down too. Either way, I walked out having ordered my new iMac from them. Win-win.

Moral of the story… We make choices every day. Mostly those choices relate to external factors in our life: what food to get in for dinner; when to take the kids to school; what colour hair dye this week; how best to do the squillion things we ‘must’ get done today; what vitamins are best to take; what clothes to wear… Oh you get my drift…

But how often do we stop and think about what we are thinking, and consciously make inner choices.

I’m reading a book at the moment, ‘Your Hidden Power’ by Thomas Troward, and specifically chapter four ‘Affirmative Power’. Herein, Troward beckons us to consider our thoughts away from external circumstance. In this way ‘Our thought as feeling is the magnet which draws to us those conditions which accurately correspond to it’. In other words, when I think in a self-affirming and positive way, I feel similarly, and my external environment shapes itself according to my vibration. Where my focus is, energy flows, and the universe wraps itself around that energy, moulding form to match it. If my thoughts, feeling and vibration are negative and sending that out into the world, so too the world will shape itself accordingly.

I wonder how my day might have looked had I not changed my thoughts and vibration this morning. It was a valuable lesson, and so empowering.

It doesn’t mean that we ignore the external mess or distress; but that through our changed thinking and action, we are in a greater state of equilibrium and upliftment from which to meet what is, and indeed, to effect positive change.

Perhaps when you next find yourself caught in thoughts that are dragging you down, no matter the outward situation, see what changes for you – and those around you – when you shift your thoughts and move into uplifting and light enhancing activities.

Where there is choice; let us choose singing, joy… and iMacs :)