Day 16 - Listening for the Voice of Kindness

Today, I became aware of a crossover between the self-development work I’m studying with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher, and the spiritual development work I cultivate with the inner and the subtle energies of Spirit.

When the veil is lifted on our paradigms and we come to understand that much of our thinking and behaviour is habitual and based on unconscious processes seeded in childhood, we begin to notice the tone and character of our paradigm.

Generally, the paradigm, which is those thoughts, beliefs and perceptions that self-limit have the tone of a critic. The voice of our thinking chastises us, calls us names, criticises our hopes or dreams. It tells us ‘don’t be silly; who do you think you are’. That voice keeps us stuck and often uses fear to do so.

If you take the premise, as I do, that we are divine beings born out of a creative force that is love, and that we are Spirit made manifest or love incarnate, then that paradigm voice – the critic and self-limiter – it seems a distance from love.

I believe that in our purest, highest vibrational frequency, at the Source of our being, is divine love. And that this human experience beckons us to embrace all of our bodily and material existence, through love.

Here, I’m talking about the capital ‘L’ love; the Love that we are aligned with, inseparable from, extend to all beings because we understand that we come from the same Tree, the same Creator, the same Light; that we are Light.

And I think that the moment we fall into matter, the second we choose to manifest, we open ourselves to and take upon us myriad layers – layers upon layers upon layers upon layers – of energetic material that creates the illusion of separation from that divine Love.

And that our life is the experience of bringing ourself back to that Love - back Home.

Some of these layers embed themselves in our unconscious energy fields, and they rise up through our subconscious in ways of reactive behaviours, the critical inner voice, the self-deprecation, the self-denials and the self-limitations.

And those layers go unnoticed – until we notice them. And wow, when we notice them, we become aware of just how ingrained they can be and how frequently they activate. And yes, that’s when we have choice.

Knowing that we are divine beings of Love, created from Love, born to experience love and to align with love, we can choose to loosen and release those layers of energy that have built up over a life-time – indeed over life times. Sometimes, we need help doing that, and that’s where we might seek out healing services or development training. Often, just by being aware, we can begin to change the way we think OF ourself, and the thoughts we allow to speak OF us…

I propose we listen out for the kind voice within, the one who encourages, congratulates, helps us to respond with consideration rather than react from our old patterns; the one who says ‘yes, you can do that’ or ‘you look beautiful today’ or simply makes you feel good about yourself.

The kind inner voice is the one that will guide you to get help if needed; it will allow you to be vulnerable AND safe; it will aid you to speak out when necessary; it will love who you are.

Any other voice is a layer of experience further from the Light, causing distance between you and your Light.

And pondering this made me think of Spirit and our own spirit. Your very own spirit will never do you harm; it will not hurt you or cause you distress or tell you to hurt another or belittle you or tell you, you ‘should’. When you go into the silence and you tune into the vibration of Love that is the essence of you, you will ONLY hear that voice of kindness.

And so it is with Spirit of Light and with the angels. These inner plane beings will only ever impress upon you Love and Care and they will never interfere in your life or tell you what to do or treat you poorly, or speak poorly of another. They are of Love too.

So going forward, let us notice our inner voice. Take note of the tone it uses, the language and the way your thinking voice speaks to you. Does it encourage or deny; uplift or put down? Does it urge you towards your dreams or keep you where you are, in fear? Notice the thoughts, be aware of them, feel into them, and feel in your body what affect they have on you, and then you can choose – and may very well elect to speak gently and lovingly to the child inside or the loud critic, and let them know you don’t need them anymore.

And then, you can not only listen out for the kindness voice, but you can actively encourage it to be more present.

Half-way there now on my 30-day challenge, and signing off from one beautiful being to another. With Love 💜