Day 17 - Coming out of the Spirit Closet

Day 17 – Coming out of the Spirit Closet

This is the first day in 17 that I cannot think of something to write. Nothing has played out its tune in my thoughts throughout the day or if it did, it was fleeting, and is now lost to time.

Perhaps I will simply ruminate with you over whatever comes…

It’s a challenge because I’m sitting tapped in again just now but the darn fan on my recon iMac is playing its own bawdy tune, loud enough to drive a girl to distraction! Hilariously, I just pressed the mute key on my keyboard to try to quieten the fan… like the volume keys could change the operation of the hardware. Oh well… It is late.

I wonder if this is akin to writer’s block. Ideas come and are quickly dismissed; not interesting enough; too specific to a topic; too narrow in audience appeal; enough to put a person to sleep, and so on.

I guess that is all part of finding my voice in writing. Today, I received a piece of lovely feedback. Someone had read the Musee de Paris piece on my website in the book sample for Spirit Talk, and shared that they were in tears reading it. That piece has a particular voice. It’s biographical-fiction almost, for though it be true to my experience, it reads as fiction. There’s a tone to it, a particular rhythm that seemed to write itself at the time.

I wonder if that is my writer’s voice. If you read it, you’ll notice that it’s quite different to my blog voice, which is more personal, somewhat intimate and more along the lines of how I speak.

A helpful exercise for any who felt inclined, would be to tell me whether you’d read a book with the blog-like prose or prefer the sample read here:

To be honest, I like both, and I prefer to read the Spirit Talk voice in book form, but like to think that the blogs share a little more about myself with you, as well as the teachings and topics of interest. But you might have different views…

And then to integrate the words of Spirit as well… That’s going to be a nice wee challenge. Keep them definitely separate and identifiable as Spirit, specifically, Heru or reframe them so that they blend with my own voice? What do you think?

The former feels a bit risqué and potentially opening me to greater criticism as a writer and from folk who have opinions about Spirit. The latter, integrating communications with my voice seems safer and perhaps more appealing to broader audiences.

Ha! Even writing that last bit there feels like a cop-out. But maybe there is scope for both…

There’s something here about hyper-authentic-ism (yep, made that one up too)… a little like going overboard with PC (political correctness). Being authentic doesn’t necessarily mean airing everything about oneself, but perhaps just being true to self is enough.

Recently, I had the great pleasure of being treated by the most excellent physiotherapist – an untrained medium whose expertise in body work and connection with Spirit, just cracked and bent me, poked and massaged me in all the right places!

Well, this physio was streaming consciousness talking about a fella who had come out to him, and the physio was saying ‘man, it really doesn’t matter who you love and who you have sex with – that’s your business’. And while there is a whole lot of ‘yeah-but-society-makes-it-everyone’s-business-a-lot-of-the-time’, I also thought, ‘yes, that’s right, sometimes true to self is enough’, and living authentically doesn’t meant climbing a flag pole and shouting to the world.

Well, maybe that is the same with Spirit… Maybe folk don’t need to know the ins and outs of Spirit communication or even that I think the words come from Spirit – maybe it’s enough that this is my truth, and what’s important is the teachings…


Och, who am I kidding! Most of the bloomin’ book is about the value of knowing that anyone, everyone can be in connection with a) their own spirit, and b) the discarnate vibrations we know as life in the Spirit World.

Okay, so I just talked myself around, and I’ve used my blog to do that… I hope you won’t mind, and I’m super interested to know what you think…

Tomorrow is another day….

More then friends.