Day 19 - A Flame within a Lantern: Light that is Love

Tonight, it is the light that moves me. Hours earlier I was sitting in my meditation chair looking across the room at the light emanating from my chest of draws. A lovely blue cloth adorns the wood. Atop the chest sits two pieces of amethyst, a small gift of a blue glass bowl, whittled wooden wands, my grandmother’s porcelain dish that holds stones precious to me, my mother’s crystal ball, and a delightful wooden box with trinkets of gold. In the centre is a lantern with a thick round candle, and a flame lit, generally signally meditation or that I am in connection with the healing energy or linking with Spirit or another soul.

I watched, as the flame appeared steady on the wick, illuminating the glassed in space of the lantern’s frame. Memorised by the gentle pulse, I could imagine the warmth of it to my touch; was drawn to it, and felt the heat in me rise.

And I wondered to myself, what is that light?

What is light?

If the flame of the candle is the fire within me and the light of its ignition the light of my being…

What am I?

If I am light.

If you are light.

What are you?

What is this light?

In John, Chapter 8, verse 12, Jesus is recorded as saying ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life’.

And then again in Matthew 5:14, ‘You are the Light of the World’.

And not just Christianity: Hinduism holds that light is the individual being, the gods, divinity, holy power.

So too, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism… ancient and current religions and spiritual beliefs… light.

The first manifestation, light.

The light that is not darkness; the divine light.

The light that is good in a dualism of good and evil.

Spiritual light and light by which we see…


Light which angels, spirit, energy and other beings that use electromagnetic energy, permit us to see and know their presence.

Light brings life. The sun, our rising light, without which we would not live.

We come from light, live in light, return to light.

Are light.

Thus went my ponderings as I looked at this candle flame.

And as is the way of such things metaphysical, spiritual, creative… I later came to my computer, candle light still gracing my space, and opened a folder of old, wherein I clicked on a file and voila...


The ripples of light spread throughout the known worlds and the unknown, and when you turn around to look within, and see truly, you turn around and embrace the light.

You are a being of light. Yes you are.

Each one of you is a being of light, nothing less.

Energy it is. Consciousness it is.

Life after life after life as the wheel turns so too the energy, the consciousness, the light perpetual. It does not go out. It is not snuffed as candles are. It is not switched off. It does not fade. It is eternal.

This is what awaits you. This is what is here now within you, turning you around, changing your molecular structure, building you again from the inside out. Light.

Light that is love.