Day 20 - Where do you find Sanctuary?

A sanctuary in the inner sanctum sense is more than simply a place of refuge. It is a precious space to be in your being. It is a place, sacred, offering uninterrupted time for peace, contemplation, prayer, meditation, reflection or just to be.

It is not so common these days for homes to have a sanctuary room or space set aside in this way. But sanctuary need not be a space set aside.

Perhaps in our busy lives, sanctuary is less related to space and more about time. Maybe our sanctuary is the hour we allow to sit in the arm chair with our eyes closed, the time we permit our self to lie in bed in the evening or morning in quiet contemplation. Perhaps, our sanctuary is the wander in the park, the walk of the dog, the time we spend in yoga or mowing the lawn or getting a massage or quietly sitting with our cup of tea.

Sanctuary need not be church attendance. It does not have to be temple space. Sanctuary that allows holy connection with self or simple quiet inner time can be found anywhere we feel it.

And it need not be a solitary space. While I have sanctuary in a room where I live, I also share sanctuary with my companions on the path, in temple and in a beautiful outdoor roundhouse that is a holy space. I may be in those alone and with God, my spirit and Spirit or I might be in company, in silence, song or individual and shared reflection.

Sanctuary is personal to each of us, and it will mean different things for us.

As we move into the age of Christ Consciousness where we are called upon to actualise the God Self within, our sanctuaries will be more and more important. Creating space and time to be with our inner will become more of an imperative as vibrational and consciousness shifts expand beyond the old into the new. Indeed, sanctuaries will aid that expansion, and help smooth the way.

And we will be drawn to notice where there is discord in our daily life between current living environment and activities and desired, needed environment and ways of living. So too, noticing time and how we spend our days will increasingly come to the fore. This is all part of the general collective consciousness impetus to align with self-authenticity and our inner Light.

One of the challenges of our age will be how to remain in connection with people as we move into our sanctuaries and make contact with the holy.

When make that contact, when we start to feel the beautiful essence of our own spirit, and touch that love within, we experience the mystery, magic and sacredness of the Source. Often our experiences cannot be uttered; words unable to describe that contact. And sometimes we might find our self seeking out the experience for the bliss, the purity, the complete and unfettered love that it offers.

But here now, know now, it is vital that when we enter our sanctuary, we also exit it again into the world. When we touch the Source within us and know it and feel it and bask in the glory of it, it is imperative that we radiate that light into the world.

We are Spirit living a human existence for reasons you and I can only speculate, but for certain, we are here to live it. We incarnated to BE in the world. We were born to BE in our body. And though our unfolding in life may call upon us to become as clear, as healed, as aligned as we can surely be, still, we are impelled to be so through our material existence.

And so it is that we enter our sanctuary, we return to our life, perhaps changed for our experiences, and each day, each breath, we shine the light that we have made contact within, out through our being in the world – through our actions, our behaviours, our thoughts and words.

For to self-actualise is to know that Self is much more than one alone. We attune to the God-Self within that we may aid our companions in their turning around; in their knowing of their inner Light.

In this way, we make a sanctuary not only of our self, but of the world we live in.