Day 21 - Healing in Process

What I've noticed over time, and recently in the healing space is that there can be a dissonance between energetic change and habit or life change. In the healing energies when the vibration is altered due to the clearing of wounds, pain or trauma, or patterns are released, our energy field vibrates at a higher frequency. Sometimes the cognitive and behavioural habits associated with past hurts or energy blocks continue out of habit for a period after the healing. During this time there can be discord that causes discomfort, including emotional responses, lethargy, forgetfulness, stress, anxiety and other motor-response lapses. Then as body-mind gets used to energy-change everything settles in its new alignment.

This is not always the case. Sometimes there is an immediate epiphany like realisation or spontaneous understanding that is impactful enough to create thinking-behaviour change to match etheric or energy body change.

But when we enter into healing that involves changing energy patterns across time and space, and sometimes across lifetimes, adjustment is required to each alteration of healing, karmic imprint and etheric energy change.

From my experience, understanding that healing is a process helps this adjustment. Even those spontaneous healings require a person to make shifts in thinking, ways of being, self-understandings and perceptions of identity. So too it is with energy healing over time.

Who you are is not fixed, though we can often have pretty fixed ideas about who we are. Mostly those self-perceptions have been built up during our life, seeded in our childhood and affirmed over and over and over again. Very often, many of those perceptions can be limiting, criticising and less likely to promote our growth and wellbeing.

When we move into healing, we say ‘Yes’ to changing those self-perceptions, beliefs and habits, and when we enter into the Spiritual Healing or energy healing space, we agree to want deep, positive change.

When folk share the healing space with me, magic happens. And that’s not ego talking; that’s my awareness of what a person’s very own spirit, with Soul-Self can agree to, open to and surrender to. It is the most magical, most beautiful, most humbling experience to witness and be co-facilitator in the process of healing and release, expansion and understanding. Magic happens because you have said 'I want to be healed', and you have the courage, connection and openness to accept healing when your Soul and the Source offer it.

So, tonight’s blog is about kindness again. It’s about being kind to yourself, if you are in healing process. It’s about understanding that although you have said ‘Yes, I am ready to heal’, time is often needed for the mind-body-spirit vibration to synchronise.

Habits of old can be difficult to break. If you’re in the healing process and are noticing a discord between energy levels, inner feelings or aliveness, hope and expansion, and physical lethargy, old-patterned thoughts popping in, and habit-behaviours revealing themselves – you are in process. Please allow it. And be kind and nurture yourself.

The greatest gift you are giving yourself is your healing experience. The fact that you’re noticing the old means it is changing. The tiredness is likely the dissonance and effort involved in the psyche-personality clinging to what is known, where energy-body has changed. Take the rest you need. Keep up your awareness of healing, and being in the process and alignment of the physical, emotional, cognitive and energetic will likely settle.

All in time for the next layer of healing to begin! <3