Day 25 - The Weaving Loom of Life

Here I sit on the eve of leaving for a week away in the next leg of my regression training. My suitcase is flowing over with warm clothes and my bags are filled with vegan foods – in case I’m suddenly stranded in the outback or something. Does Scotland have ‘outback’?

I sit with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Regression therapy is an extraordinary facilitator of healing and change, and the way we are learning to be excellent therapists in this modality is to surrender ourselves to the intense yet liberating process.

So much has changed for me since the first module. I can’t begin to articulate the core-centredness I feel now; the presence and connection – with self and other.

Threads, previously dangling in an unacknowledged air of invisibility and reactivity, are delightfully visible, known and integrated.

Patterns woven around and through relationships have been revealed and where necessary, released. I was able to see clearly their origin points and understand how they wove me in this life, how they were weaving me still. Understanding the pattern, the weave was dismantled and the energy diminished and vanquished.

This paved the way for new relationships, new weavings.

My relationship with food has since changed. My body has changed. I’m slighter of weight, not for any other reason that I eat differently and I have a more beautiful and loving relationship with my body.

Threads are not singular either; with the releasing of one, others are revealed and open to disentanglement and change.

More body awareness in relationship with food, revealed a link to my sense of self worth. Past life enslavement once dispelled permitted me to be with food, not as reward or punishment, but as nourishment and enjoyment. And in this, a story of self-care emerges, self-love and trust… and so on…

One thread reveals so much…

An oh, the heart thread, and the heart pain, the grief, the ache and the ways in which I came into being Karolyne protecting myself against hurt again…

The regression therapy dismantles, fragments and releases, and then brings together again, heals and forges beautiful, newness so much closer to the Soul Self.

And I feel obliterated, cleansed, healed, and remade. And in this, I am able to love and be loved. I recognise fear and choose to lean into it, enabling the energy to be released and positively changed.

This is one of the things I really welcome about regression work – it is empowering. The therapist facilitates and holds the space, but the client directs the story; your Soul Self takes you on the journey, so that you have the power to transform.

And I am returned to my Beloved. I remember again who I am. I am a Light House that weathers the storms of emotion. I am the sea that beats upon my self; the air that caresses me to sleep. I am the sand that shapes and moulds my mortar. And I am the breath that awakens the peace within, igniting the flame of desire, shining a light on all.

I am all.

Regression therapy helped me contact Source energy within me again.

Yes, excitement and wee bit of trepidation… wish me well, and I’ll be back in a week.