New Year's Blessing 2017

A Blessed New Year Friends.

My blessing for us, those here and those not here, is that we tend our inner flame, and that in keeping our torches bright we shine a light that illuminates our way, and uplifts and upholds others when they may lose hope.

My blessing for this year, is that we each here and not here, be still and respond before we react; grow understanding and compassion before we criticise or condemn; turn kind eyes and thoughts upon our self and others; and take steps towards positive, fruitful, authentic, humane and conscious action.

I shine my light for me, and I shine my light for you. You shine your light for you, and you shine your light for me.

May your Light shine bright this year. May it bring you what you need. May it be a reminder and a beacon for others - of Light perpetual.

Peace to All Beings.

With Love,
Karolyne <,3