It's all about THIS life

Yesterday, I was contemplating death, as one does, and the various understandings I have about the continuation of life and reincarnation. This led me to ponder those knowings in themselves. I went to a place where I put them to question. And then I went to a place where I negated them entirely. It was an exercise in perception to see whether how I feel about my life, and the meaning I ascribe to it, would alter if my knowledge of life eternal was absent. 

It was a rich, beautiful experience, and it has given fuel to my impetus for being. 

What I realised is that if I am going to die, and everything I believe in turns out to be wrong, and I am simply flesh and blood and my bones and flesh turn to dust upon death, and what I understand to be my consciousness is nothing but my firing neurons, and they too cease to exist upon my death – so that I no longer am, in any capacity, individual, singular or as a greater whole of consciousness – then I want my life to stand for something. I want my life to help others to live a freer life. To free people from their hurts. To heal people of their wounds. To assist people to find meaning in their life. And to use the Laws of the Universe to work for them, not against them.

Clearly, I realised that It doesn’t matter if I continue to exist after my death or not; it only matters that what I do with my life has a positive, life-enhancing impact on the world; that my contribution matters.

To this end, I cannot creep towards my death. I cannot settle for any circumstance that is less than exactly what I want. I cannot allow fear to hold me back, to intimidate me, to limit me in any way. I MUST clasp opportunity by the hands and dive in and thrive whenever the moment comes to me.

Whether I am here for a reason or not – I am deciding that my reason is to leave the world a better place; to assist and help as many people as possible to live a better life.

It is not only service; it is my great delight. 

And it is how I begin this new year.

I wonder how it is for you? How do you begin this new cycle?