Karolyne writes from Spirit, for your Spirit that you may be moved, healed, awakened, enriched and called to be all you may be in this life.

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Awakening Your Soul Connection

Spirit Talk is a spiritual development non-fiction book that introduces you to Spirit connection as a means of healing and self-transformation. Ancient teachings from higher vibrational Spirit are combined with practical guidelines on how to expand your consciousness and enhance your soul connection. Awakening to your very own Spirit that you may live an abundantly rich, authentic and joyful life. 


60 Blessings And Devotions of Spirit

This is a non-fiction book of poetry and prose jointly written by Karolyne and communicated by Spirit. Much of it is devotional, giving praise and adoration to our eternal life and connection with the Most Holy that is the Beloved. Others are inspirational, motivating us towards self awareness and unity with each other, our Spirit and the vast collective that is the One.