What is Distant Healing?

Distant Healing is healing that is facilitated when a person is not present. Healing energy is brought forth for the person over any distance and can be highly effective. This method of healing is used when someone can't access healing or visit Karolyne in person. 

Karolyne approaches distant healing in exactly the same manner as if you were in the space with her, other than hands-on. She will tune into you, see and feel where the ailment resides in body and in your etheric field, and draw on the most appropriate healing method to assist. As in a regular session, this takes up to an hour. 

When does the Distant Healing take place?

Distant Healing takes place at a time agreed with the person. Generally, where time difference permits, this is performed when the person requiring healing is going to sleep.

How to receive distant healing

If you or someone you know would like to receive Distant Healing please complete the request form below. In some circumstances, Karolyne will ask for a photograph of the person, which she uses as a focal point.  People often report feeling relaxed at the time Distant Healing is being given. Some people become very tired. Others may have a sense of peace and ease, feel tingling or warmth, energy or other physical signs that the healing is taking place. Distant Healing, like all healing experience is unique to the person. Individuals enter healing with awareness that Karolyne will attend to Distant Healing with her greatest Love and guidance, but can never guarantee a particular outcome. It is rare though for people not to report some benefit and healing from this time. 


Karolyne now charges for distant healing as requests were too numerous. The fee is £40. 


If you have any questions for Karolyne, please get in touch


Please fill in the form below and 'Submit' it. Karolyne will be in contact as soon as possible. 

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