Energy clearing & spirit release


Spirit Release Therapy

Spirit Release Therapy is the means used to assist with a condition known as spirit or energy attachment and plays an integral role within regression therapy. Spirit attachment happens when another energy, not belonging to your soul, becomes part of your physical body or electro-magnetic energy field.

The electro-magnetic energy field, etheric body or aura is a field of energy which surrounds and penetrates our physical bodies, and is something that we all have. The etheric body is designed to house our own energy, and there are times when external energies can become part of it. We have all experienced occasions when we have felt other people’s emotions – whether they are joyful ones or less joyful ones; most of us have stood close to someone on public transport and noticed sensations from others that are not our own and have made us feel uncomfortable or anxious in some way. An external attachment is an exaggerated version of this, where that energy lingers in our energy field.

On occasions, these external energies may affect our energy system in negative ways, and the anxiety, discomfort or other feelings stay with us, possibly draining our energy, causing detrimental health effects or influencing our rationale thinking in some way.

Often people are unaware of how these energies are affecting them, as the effect can be quite subtle, but others will dramatically impact a person's life causing them a number of unsettling signs and symptoms. These energies can attach under different circumstances but we are more susceptible if we are unwell, in an emotive situation, have been in an accident or had a shock, been under anaesthesia or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

As someone who works with energy on a regular basis and especially as a regression therapist, it is often necessary to check for the presence of other energies and remove any that are inappropriate for the client.

Spirit Release Sessions

The goal of a spirit or energy release session is to remove the energy attachment, and to cleanse, balance and restore the person's energy field. It is a comfortable, safe and simple process. During the session we like to try and find the root cause of why the energy attachment joined in the first place, as there are occasions when it is an indication that something within us needs healing so that we no longer attract these energies to us.

During the session, or during subsequent sessions, I also teach you grounding and protection techniques to reinforce your natural protection to prevent more attachments in the future.

After an energy release session, clients often notice a considerable improvement in many areas of their lives such as increased energy and motivation, feeling of lightness and a return to higher levels of health.

Energy and Spirit Release Sessions usually last between 1-2 hours, and exchange rate is £65 an hour.

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