Syrian child from Daraa who is now living in Amman, Jordan. Her family fled across the border with nothing, as they had to carry some of the smaller children. They were shot at as they made the crossing. The children are now being supported by the Jordanian Red Crescent psycho-social programme in Amman, Jordan.


With every session you book or workshop you attend, every product you purchase, Karolyne gives 1% to the British Red Cross, and specifically, to the Syria Crisis Appeal.

This is one way that I know how to give back.  

Why the Red Cross?

As a young person, quite a bit older than the girl here, and sitting in the warmth and safety of my grandparents’ home, I would listen to my grandpa share snippets of his time as a prisoner in Formosa (Taiwan) during the 4 years he was captured in the second world war.

I can hear him chuckling as he wove a story out of memory. Only very occasionally would he pause and shake his head, the horror briefly appearing in his eyes. Mostly, the loss of life, torture and tragedy were skirted over in a mischievous tale of mishap and survival. Humour played a large part in these stories; it was something my grandfather identified helping him and many of his fellow POWs to remain alive: the ability maintain humour even at the most difficult of times. I remember him emphasising this in one particular story that uneasily balanced the tragic loss of life and the saving grace of Red Cross parcels. And I recall the feel of him beneath the story: the sadness, bewilderment, the irony that brought out an uneasy laugh. I didn’t really understand then, but I can honour the unspoken today. 

The Red Cross helped keep my grandfather and so many others alive. It wasn’t always black and white, as I’m sure is the case with aid supply today, but I am alive in part because of the sustenance and hope that the Red Cross gave my grandpa. The British Red Cross is woven into the living memory of my grandfather and of our shared times. I can’t think of a better way to express gratitude and to give back than to participate in the aid given now to those who are in such desperate need. 

Why the Syria Appeal?

The violence in Syria continues; hundreds of thousands of people have been killed and millions more have lost their homes. Food and water supplies, hospitals, schools and livelihoods have been destroyed. This is a situation that is current and ongoing, and which requires sustained attention.    

The Red Cross is working together with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, the national aid agency on the ground in Syria, giving urgent aid to families in desperate need: medical care, food, blankets and other basic essentials. 

How can you help?

Every paid engagement you have with Karolyne's services and products sees 1% donated to the British Red Cross, Syria Appeal. 

And, if you want to give independently, you can go the appeal here. There are many, many other ways that you can help if it is in your capacity to do so, and of course, many other plights. This is one that is close to my heart.