A combination of gently powerful energy healing, counselling and intuitive practice for your transformation process.

Healing is ideal for addressing emotional unrest, physical pain, limiting beliefs, energy blocks, trauma clearing, and has the effect of advancing spiritual unfoldment.


We are Spirit living a human experience.
How can your spiritual being enhance your life? 

Spiritual Transformation means being in the world
with increasing connection to your inner Self
and the creative force that animates all life.
It is the vital link between transforming the life you have into the life you desire.


We are evolving creatures, impelled to continue learning and bettering ourself. 

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'The three regression sessions I had with Karolyne changed my life...'

'..my experience [of regression] with Karolyne was amazing, exciting and jaw dropping. It draws you in and leaves you wanting more...'

'You are such an incredible, incredible guide, mentor and kind light! I thank you from my heart.' 

‘The healing that took place within my first session was profound and my world shifted.'

'...If you are looking for a healer who is versed in all the tools and skills needed for transformation of your life then you have found an ace in the pack here.'

‘...the work we have done together has brought me closer to my truth, my resonance, allowing myself to really hear what it is my heart and soul require to grow to be nurtured and to be loved.' 

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