Reiki is a gentle energy healing practice, used to address health concerns and enhance overall wellbeing.

This beautiful healing modality draws on the universal life that animates all creation to help facilitate a person’s own healing capacity. Reiki is also known to contribute to the unfoldment of spiritual development.

What to expect

Reiki sessions can be experienced seated in a chair or lying on a therapy table. You remain fully clothed and blankets are available. You can receive healing energies from my laying my hands on you and with hands off, in which case I hover my hands a few inches above you. Your comfort is my priority and I am led by you in this.

While each person experiences Reiki treatments differently, many report feeling tingling and warmth in areas of their body, as well as heat coming from my hands. Some people feel physical sensations, see colours and imagery or have spiritual experiences. It is most common to feel deeply relaxed – and the biggest compliment if you fall asleep! A general consensus is a feeling of peace. People also say that Reiki contributes to positive changes in their life and that they feel more balanced and contented.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.