Symphony of Life is the name Karolyne uses to describe a platform of understanding related to her work in healing, self-development and spiritual unfoldment. 

Symphony of Life teaches us that all life exists upon a spectrum of vibration and that our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours contribute to our place upon that spectrum of vibration, that our vibrational existence creates our life, and has the capacity to change, positively altering our wellbeing and life in the world.  

The Symphony of Life is at once all of Creation, Source,  and it a teaching platform that Karolyne has adopted to share educational and wellbeing services and products to aid you in your self-awareness and self-development journey.  Karolyne currently offers a series of workshops for your introduction and work within the Symphony of Life. 

The concept of the Symphony of Life came through meditative practice and inspiration shared by Spirit.  You can read thoughts on the Symphony of Life here...