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Symphony of Life I: Growing your Spiritual Awareness & Intuition

  • Karolyne Quinn Spylaw Road Edinburgh, EH10 5BN United Kingdom (map)

Know you to be a body of Light, able to affect your world with your light...

In life, unseen forces drive the currents of creation, animating all living beings, material and non-material, and you are part of this rhythm, this Symphony of Life. Your life is an instrument in the orchestra of all creation, and the energies that are this current, this force, can be felt, observed, experienced and exercised to benefit your wellbeing.  

Do you want to relax, live a more harmonious, spiritual and authentic life?   

The Symphony of Life workshops offer you the opportunity to learn tools that will help you make changes to increase wellbeing and to live the path most aligned with the Source within you. 

This workshop will help you to remember that you already are a spiritual being. By introducing mindfulness concepts and the energy body, and by drawing on your natural ability to feel and use sensory information, we will practice and strengthen your connection to your own spirit and to the wonder of life.

The day will include:
Mindfulness Practice
The Energy Body
Guided Meditation & Inner journeying
Awareness Raising Techniques
Self-Enquiry & Shared Discussion


The workshop will suit anyone interested in their own spiritual development through meditation, energy healing and tapping into your inner wisdom and outer awareness. A curiosity or understanding of the unseen worlds that include spirit, and a desire to expand and connect, with self and other, will be helpful. No experience is necessary, only an open or willing heart and genuine interest to be among like folk remembering and nurturing our spiritual self.

This is the first in a series of 3 workshops that can be taken individually or combined. They are experiential and interactive, incorporating breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, inner journeying and visualisation. They will appeal to anyone new to spiritual development and to those consciously engaged in their spiritual journey.

You can attend all three workshops or as many that interest you, and if you have any questions or would like to book, please do get in touch.

The workshop is held in a beautiful, wooded floor and light-filled ceilinged room, curtesy of Calmblue Holistic Therapies association with the Edinburgh Steiner School. Lunch is not provided but herbal teas, fruit and nibbles are provided, and there are beautiful grounds and parks to sit in during the breaks. 

This day is a gift to yourself and to your spiritual unfoldment. You will leave the day with more than you arrived, and it may well just change your life. 






Karolyne Quinn is an intuitive, a healing practitioner, meditation teacher and spiritual development facilitator. She has a PhD in the benefits of mindbody therapy for trauma experience and a Masters in Counselling. Karolyne brings with her over 20 years meditation practice and spiritual development from her own diverse journey of personal growth with Spirit and God. Karolyne is passionate about helping people to find a way to live their true, authentic life in conscious awareness of their greatest self and spiritual connection. 



Your investment: £50

Full day workshop: Sunday 11 September, 2016
10am - 4.30pm
Edinburgh, EH10 5BR
Free parking


Bring your own lunch.
Herbal teas, fruit and nibbles provided.
Bring yoga mat if you want to lie down for some meditations, pillow & wrap. 
You will need a notebook and pen. 


To register interest or ask questions here: please email Karolyne. 

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Looking forward to seeing you soon!