The Web of Light... 

Every Sunday evening at 6pm BST, we gather in silence, in meditation, in thought with one intention - to enhance the Light of the World. 

We take 15-20 minutes to rise up to and unite upon the planes of collective consciousness, and we move from JOY to LOVE to FREEDOM, and as we open ourself to this, we share it upon the Web of Light - the vibration of energy that surrounds, fills and permeates our beautiful planet. 

As we do this over time, we increase the frequency of the Web and of ourself. And as our vibrational frequency enhances, so too our life positively transforms. 

We know that the critical mass of human consciousness makes a difference. The Web of Light weekly practice, is a ritual of change intended to effect positive change in the world and for Earth. 

Please do join me each Sunday. And if you do, please leave a message on Facebook with your experiences

With Love in the Light,