White Light Meditation


Image Copyright : Nikki Zalewski

Image Copyright : Nikki Zalewski

The White Light Meditation is an excellent meditation for clearing, cleansing, relaxing and revitalising your aura - the energy field that surrounds all living matter. This energy, which is known also as a bio-electric field, surrounds and penetrates your body. It influences our physical and emotional wellbeing just as our thoughts, and physical and sensory input, affect our energy field.

Within our aura exists our subtle energy bodies, including the etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual and astral bodies. Just as we intake clean air, water and nourishing food to maintain a healthy physical being, so too, we can practice the flow and circulation of the vital energy, which can be visualised as white light to nourish the aura and subtle bodies. 

This guided meditation begins with the breath and moves into a simple white light energy visualisation. 

The White Light Meditation is FREE to download.

MP3 : 20 minutes
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Original music by Jordan Jessep Celestial Fantasy